Cloud Backup (Mac)
Cloud Backup (Mac)

      Resolutions' Cloud Backup

Resolutions' Cloud Backup auotmates the process of backing up your data offsite.  Backups begin automatically and your data is sent to storage facilities located hundreds of miles apart.  Your data is encrypted and always remains encrrypted using a uniaue encryption key that only you have.  Moreover you can restore your files as often as you need and at any time day or night, in as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.

Was $30.00
You Save: $15.00

Server + $11.00 


Feature and Benefits

    • Easier to manage
    • Easier to deploy
    • More scalable
    • More cost effective
    • Real-time notifications for remote users

 The #1 Choice for the serive provider in today's emerging cloud world 


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