Virus Repair
Virus Repair

      Resolutions' Cloud Virus Repair

Let Resolutions' experts help repair your computer from infected viruses. With Resolutions virus repair tools, our professional experts connect with you one-on-one, then securely access your computer(s) via the Internet to diagnose your computer and repair all virual infestation.  At times and if required Resolutions' will use their certified partners to visit your home, business if necessary.
At times even the best security will not catch every virus specifically during virus outbreaks and the best knowledge is how to handle a situation without losing money or proactivity.
All of our partners are trained on virus removal and repair services.  If necessary Resolutions' experts will fly out to your business to perform necessary repairs if we cannot find a local partner.
Was $150.00
You Save: $74.98

Feature and Benefits

    • Managing corporate or residential computers can be a challange due to the high cost of deploying, mananging and supporting software.  If you are looking to reduce your desktop management cost through more effective software usage and monitoring implementing Resolutions technology will benefit you.

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